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Monday, April 3, 2017

Irregularities on LSG Memo..

 No. P3NFPE – Odisha / 13 – 03 / 2017
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 29th  March, 2017
Dr. S K Kamila, IPoS
Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle
Bhubaneswar – 751 001

Sub :   Submission of Resolutions adopted unanimously in the Circle Council-Cum-Working Committee Meeting on 26.03.2017 of AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle

 Respected Sir,
In spite of a series of correspondences to all concerned, meetings / discussions with Chief PMG, Odisha and with the Secretary (Posts), when LSG DPC was completed ignoring the suggestions of the Staff Side given both by this Circle Union and Postal JCA (NFPE & FNPO), CHQ and when our earlier observations / apprehensions  came out in  its original colour with mixed response of strong resentment and silent support from the staff members, no other alternative was left before this Circle Union but to arrange for an  emergent Circle Council – Cum – Working Committee Meeting which was held in the premises of Ashoknagar MDG, Bhubaneswar – 751 009 on 26.03.2017  in accordance with the Notification issued vide Circle Union letter  No.P3NFPE – Odisha / 08 – 03 / 2017, dated  23rdMarch, 2017 for  discussing the  reality in details to meet the crisis created out of  implementation of the Cadre Restructuring Proposal in Odisha Circle.

All most all the Divisional Secretaries and Circle Union Office Bearers participated in the meeting offering their valuable suggestions pointing out many irregularities in conducting and completing the LSG DPC  hurriedly which are briefed as follows.

1.   Discrepancy in distribution of Posts : Keeping the number of sanctioned strength constant to 3713, the number of PA, LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I were reduced / enhanced from 3516, 101, 48 and 48 to 2398, 931, 301 and 83 ( 75 plus 8 NFG) respectively in Odisha Circle vide Directorate’s letter No.25-04/2012-PE.I, dated 27.05.2016.

But during allotment by Odisha Circle keeping the number of sanctioned strength constant to 3593 posts, the number of PA, LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I were reduced / enhanced from 3398, 103, 45 and 47 to 2390, 931, 189 and 83 ( 75 plus 8 NFG) respectively vide Chief PMG, Odisha Memo No. EST/1-2/Rlg/2016-Corr, dated 24.06.2016 and 20.07.2016 and posts were identified accordingly vide Chief PMG, Odisha Memo No. EST/1-2/Rlg/2016-Corr, dated 07.10.2016.

Accordingly, due to short allotment of posts, 45 ‘C’ Class NDT SOs and 9 HSG-II posts in Odisha Circle could not be upgraded to LSG and HSG-I which is against the spirit of Cadre Restructuring proposal.

Similarly, distribution of 112 HSG-II posts (301 – 189) was remained in suspense in Odisha Circle.

In this context, while observing the distribution of posts in Tamilnadu Circle, it is seen that LSG posts have been created in Divisional Office, PSD, CSD, Foreign Post etc though the Cadre Restructuring Proposal is meant for post offices only. Had Odisha Circle assessed correctly during distribution like Tamilnadu Circle, the 112 undistributed posts of HSG-II could have been created as Supervisors in Divisional Offices, CBS / PLI CPCs, and as APMs in MDGs and HOs and more number of posts under LSG and HSG-I cadre could have been allotted to Odisha Circle to upgrade 45 ‘C’ Class NDT SOs and 9 HSG-II posts to LSG and HSG-I cadre respectively.

Thus, it is crystal clear that there is gross misinterpretation of Directorate order by Circles and uniformity has not been maintained while implementing the cadre Restructuring proposal amongst Circles which needs to be examined by the Directorate. Since only Odisha  and Rajastan Circle have implemented this proposal and 20 Circles are still there to implement it, Circle administration needs to propose the Directorate for additional posts of LSG and HSG-I and redistribute the surplus HSG-II posts remained with them.

2.   Non-circulation of up-to-date Circle Gradation List and omission of senior officials : The LSG DPC was completed by Odisha Circle without circulating the up to date Circle Gradation List of LSG officials to the Staff Side and thus the members remained in dark regarding the correctness of the DPC. Many eligible officials of different Divisions like Dhenkanal , Bolangir and Sambalpur  are omitted without any valid reason.

It is brought to the notice of this Circle Union that 9 officials of Dhenkanal Division who have been promoted to MACP – III recently vide SPOs, Dhenkanal Division Memo No. B/MACP/Corr/ Ch. I dated 11.01.2017 are ignored for no reasons. Similar is the position in Bolangir and  other Divisions.

Thus, Circle administration is required to immediately circulate the up to date Circle Gradation List of LSG officials basing on which the LSG DPC was conducted to establish the correctness of the such DPC.

        3.   Observance of different guidelines : Only Rajastan Circle has implemented the Cadre Restructuring proposal after Odisha Circle till now. LSG promotion of Odisha Circle has been made vide CO, Bhubaneswar Memo No -ST/26-6(I)/2017 dated 23.02.2017 for 834 officials in accordance with CO,BBSR letter No-EST/1-2/Rlg/2016-Corr Dated 7.10.2016 which contains the instructions/guidelines issued vide Directorate letter No-25-04/2012-PE-I dated 27.05.2016. On the other hand,Rajastan Circle vide Memo No-Staff/1065/Postal/2016-17 Dated 10.03.2017  has given LSG promotion to  987 officials on the basis of Directorate letter No-06-08/2010-SPB-II dated 2.1.2012 and instructions contained in Directorate letter No-06-12/2010-SP.II dated 07.03.2011 and 30.11.2011.

On analysis of the LSG memos of both the Circles, it is noticed that LSG promotion have been given by both the Postal Circles on the basis of  different guidelines / instructions of the Directorate and therefore the matter was required to be reexamined about such differences before issue of posting orders in favour  of approved LSG officials of Odisha Circle.

That has not been done creating a lots of confusion amongst the staff members.

       4.   Non-release of Posting orders on same date by the regions: While the posting orders for the approved LSG officials were hurriedly issued by Head Quarters Region, Bhubaneswar  vide C O Memo No. ST/26-6(1)/2017(Postal), dated  22.03.2017, Berhampur Region released the same vide its Memo No. ST / 12 – LSG/2017, dated 25.03.2017 and R O Sambalpur vide Memo No. ST/RO/150-9/2017, Dated 25.03.2017 which was posted on 27.03.2017.

Instances have come to the notice of this Union that officials under Head Quarters Region who are fortunate to be posted in the same offices where they were working earlier immediately exchanged their Charge Reports without waiting for the covering memo of the concerned Divisional Heads. This facility could not be availed by the officials of other regions due to delayed release of memos as cited above.

This will seriously affect the seniority of the officials joining late. Such lapses could have been easily avoided to maintain the seniority of all the officials

5.   No uniformity amongst regions while issuing posting orders to approved LSG officials: As witnessed, considering the welfare of the staff members, requests of officials to post in their home division without TA/TA has been entertained by Berhampur Region. While the Circle Union welcomes such step of R O, Berhampur, expects similar action also from other two regions.

There should not be any discrimination and uniformity should have been maintained amongst the regions.

6.   Injustice to employees of reserved Category: It is seen that the names of some senior officials especially belonging to reserved category are omitted from the approved list of LSG officials issued vide C O, Bhubaneswar Memo No. ST/26-6(1)/2017(Postal), dated 23.02.2017. On query, it was learnt that it is done in accordance with Directorate’s order No. 16-11/2016-SCT, dated 21.10.2016 accompanied the DoPT OM No. 36012/11/2016-Estt (Res), dated 30.09.2016 regarding treatment of SC/ST candidate for reservation in promotion which states, inter alia that no further promotions of reserved category persons  to unreserved posts will be made on the DoPT OM dated 10.08.2010. And DoPT OM dated 10.08.2010 clarified that SC/ST candidates appointed by promotion on their own merit  and seniority and not owing to reservation or relaxation of qualification will be adjusted against  unreserved points of reservation roster, irrespective of the fact whether the promotion  is made by selection method or non-selection method. But, when the DPC is convened purely on seniority-cum-fitness basis, though such officials  may not be promoted against unreserved posts according to the clarification in DoPT OM No. 36012/11/2016-Estt(Res), dated 30.09.2016, they shall be selected according to their seniority beyond the reservation quota.

Contradictorily, on analysis of the Rajastan Circle Memo No-Staff/1065/Postal/2016-17 Dated 10.03.2017 wherein 987 (Nine hundred eighty-seven ) officials have been promoted to LSG cadre, it is observed that LSG promotion has been given strictly as per Seniority and Fitness basis irrespective of category. The details of LSG promotion given in Rajastan Circle are as under.

Total No of LSG Post
in Rajastan Circle
Category of employees to whom LSG given
Total No. of employees promoted  to LSG in Rajastan Circle
% of employees actually promoted to LSG cadre
Reservation % due as per existing reservation rule of Govt of India

Thus, there is gross misinterpretation of Directorate / DoPT orders by Circles and uniformity has not been maintained while implementing the cadre Restructuring proposal amongst Circles which needs to be reexamined by the Directorate.

7.   Injustice to Lady & Physically Handicapped employees and employees selected under sportsman quota and Union Office bearers : Postal Directorate vide its letter No. 137-10/2011-SPB.II, dated 18.01.2011 has directed all Circle Heads to identify post offices where basic amenities are not available and take action for providing them immediately. During last 6 years while no such action has been taken either to provide basic amenities or to shift such post offices to suitable accommodations, the Circle administration has violated the above guidelines in posting the lady employees in post offices without basic amenities.

Similarly, in spite of clear instructions to post the physically handicapped  officials near their native places, such officials are inhumanely posted to far off places during the current posting. Illustratively, Sri Kalandi Biswal, Ms. Suprava Acharya of Bhubaneswar Division ( both physically handicapped) have been  posted to  Rasulpur S O  under Cuttack North Division  and Sabaranga under Bhadrak Division respectively. Similarly Sri Susanta Kumar Dash, P A, Sundergarh Division who is spending his life on a wheel chair has been posted as SPM, Remuli under Keonjhar Division. There are many other cases found in the current posting.

In addition, it is observed that employees appointed under sportsman quota and eligible for availing suitable off for practice are posted as SPMs in single handed offices where it is not at all possible to get flexible time fro regular practice  in the present scenario of the Department.

Further, though concession of immunity from transfer from the headquarters of recognized service unions/associations is applicable to their office bearers, the same has not been followed while issuing posting orders by all the three regions.

The above issues could have been taken care of before issuing posting orders in favour of such officials promoted to LSG Cadre in Odisha Circle.

8.   Violation of transfer guidelines for posting of husband and wife in the same station : As per instructions contained in Para – 4 (iii) of DoPT OM No. 28034/9/2009-Estt.(A), dated 30.09.2009, it has been categorically stated that the cadre controlling authority  may post the spouses belonging to the same central service to the same station.

But the above guideline has not been followed while issuing posting orders in favour of the approved LSG officials by any Regions in Odisha Circle.

Illustratively, Smt. Sanjukta Panda, SPM, Medical College SO under Sambalpur Division  has been promoted to LSG and posted to Bolangir Division while her husband Sri Pradeep Kumar Satpathy, P A, Burla MDG has been adjusted in Sambalpur Division consequent upon his promotion to LSG cadre in violation of the above guideline. There are several other cases also in different divisions/regions.

This could have been taken care of before issuing posting order in favour of the approved LSG officials.

9.   Managing unidentified posts like SA/BE/Trainers etc. : The approved list contains the name of some SAs, B Es, Trainers, CPC Supervisors and PLI Group Leaders also who are now posted as LSG SPMs in the identified S Os since the existing  posts  against which these employees are working are neither created nor  identified as LSG.

Now question arises as to how these posts will be manned if they are diverted from the current jobs. There may be complete dislocation in undertaking the day to day activities with regard to system failure and software issues if the experienced S As are diverted. Alternatively, if they are retained in their posts, then the proposed LSG posts against the said officials will remain vacant and the T S  P As may be forced to work  without any financial benefit which will be an injustice to them. 

The situation warrants immediate solution without any kind of compulsion to any cadre.

10.               Irrational posting causing huge financial loss to the Govt. in the form TA on Transfer : It is observed that no rationality has been maintained while issuing posting orders in favour of the approved LSG officials. Officials who could have been posted within 2 / 3 kilometers from their present place of posting are seen posted in far off places which will be an unnecessary  financial burden to the Govt. Such type of postings could have been avoided on the broad principle of minimizing the Inter-station transfers in view of the austerity measure,  matching of human resource with requirement and staff welfare as per transfer guidelines issued from time to time by the Department.

Illustratively,  we can cite some cases of Cuttack North Division.

Sl. No. in C O Memo No. dated 22.03.2017
Name of the Official
Original place of Posting
Posted after LSG promotion
Could have been posted to
Amount of TA that could have been saved
Krutibasa Behera
PA, Kendrapara HO
SPM, Karilopatna (15 KM)`
SPM, Baladebjew (3KM)
Gouranga Ch. Muduli
PA, Kendrapara HO
SPM, Aul (40KM)
SPM, Thakurpatna(4KM)
Rajendra Prasad Dhal
PA, Pattamundai
SPM, Rajnagar (22KM)
SPM Alba(2KM)
Susant Ku. Kar
SPM, Jenapur
SPM, Haridaspur (23KM)
SPM, Jenapur(Could have been retained since just posted before 1 year)
Total TA that could have saved only with rational  transfer of 4 officials
While as many as 834 officials have promoted and transferred, the loss on account of Transfer TA can be well imagined from the above table which calculated a loss of Rs.226000/- for 4 officials only.

11.               Filling up of resultant vacancies created due to declination of promotion :  After issue of posting orders by all Regional Heads, it is now witnessed that large number of employees, preferably those at Level 7  of Rs.4600/- and those posted outside their parent divisions are declining the promotion to LSG Cadre even without waiting for one month period given by the administration. Thus, the reliving arrangements so far made by concerned Divisional Heads may not be fruitful if an LSG employee has declined his promotion and working in the same post as usual without handing over the charge to the person going to relive him. The situation may be in a dilemma unless his request for declination is accepted by the competent authority and he/she is posted  as P A in some other post offices.

Thus, the resultant vacancies created due to such declination in the parent Division may be filled in by posting back to those surplus officials of the same Division posted outside so that the dislocation in the parent division may be mitigated to a large extent.

12.               Immediate filling up of unfilled identified posts : As witnessed, the existing LSG officials now working against the upgraded HSG-II posts have not been transferred and posted against any vacant LSG posts as required.

Thus,  since several LSG posts are still vacant in different Divisions, the officials posted outside their parent division might have been adjusted against these unfilled posts which may reduce the current dislocation to some extent.

The Circle administration needs to rethink on the issue.

On the basis of the above observations, the Circle Working Committee-Cum-Council Meeting dated 26.03.2017 unanimously adopted some resolutions to be put forth before the appropriate authority / level for immediate redressal within a reasonable time period.

A copy of the said resolutions is attached here with for kind perusal.

Hope, our Chief PMG will take a definite decision to set right the lapses / irregularities within a reasonable time period and give justice to a huge mass of employees now affected due to their promotion to LSG cadre as a part of Cadre Restructuring Proposal for Group-C postal employees in Odisha Circle.

With regards.
Yours faithfully,
Attached : As above.

Circle Secretary