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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Introduction of AML/CFT norms for small savings schemes-fresh instructions and clarifications regarding.

In continuation to the Directorate SB Order No 8/2010 circulated vide DGP LN 109-04/2007-SB datd 23.04.2010 some corrections and clarification thereof are furnished below which is circulated vide DGP Letter no 109-04/2007-SB dated 24.08.2010.

1. In case of HO and SO, only two photographs shall be taken. But in case of EDBO three photographs shall be taken. In case of joint photograph of all the depositors shall be taken.

In case of HO one is pasted to the Passbook and another is to the KYC documents with purchase application forms. In case of SO SB/TD/PPF, KYC norms with purchase application forms will be recieved by the SBCO and pasted in guard file. In case of accounts opened at EDBO in account with HOs documents will be received along with account opening forms and preserved in the guard file of other account opening forms of HO itself.

In case of SOs in case of SB/TD/PPF the account opening forms are sent to HO with Accounts opening forms and sent to HO. SO shall paste one photograph of the depositor(s) on SS Book and shall write under dated signature on the SS Book in red ink KYCD taken. In case of EDBOs GDSBPM shall take KYC documents verify with original, attest photograph and send account opening form to a/c office along with KYC documents. He will paste one photo in SS Book and shall write in red ink that KYCD taken. After receiving passbook form a/c office one attested photo received earlier shall be pasted in the book before handed over to the holder.

In case of a depositor approaching the same post office for another account opening form directly or through agent who has already given CDD/KYC norms